Restorative Justice Links
  • - This website provide 2 free programs. One will help you compose a confidential and meaningful apology for a person to whom you have done something wrong or hurtful. Two if you have been hurt by another an no apology is offered or maybe you don't know who hurt you, you can prepare an "imagined apology" that may help you heal
Phil Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment
  • - Everything about the remarkable 1971 prison experiment at Stanford University that has taught us so much about prison administration.
Listening & Emotional Skill Development
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
More Family & Youth Services
  • - Ben Furman's Kids' Skills - Offers numerous on line resources for youth.
  • - 'Ohana Conferencing & E Makua Ana Youth Circles (thank you John Braithwaite for introducing me to the idea of group processes for transition planning!)
  • - American Humane Protecting Children & Animals since 1877
Transition Planning
Athletic Links

January 17, 2008: Lorenn (middle) meets with Immaclee Ilibaqiza (left), Rwandan genocide survivor and author of "Left to Tell", along with Vi Jones-Meduskey (right), surfer, triathlete, mother, grandmother and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS aka "Lou Gehrig's disease") survivor, in Honolulu.