Shad Maruna, PhD

“I have followed Lorenn Walker’s work with Hawai‘i Friends for almost two decades. Her work is widely cited and lauded by academics that study law, criminology, sociology and social sciences. Her programs have been replicated in other states and countries with great success.”

Howard Zehr, PhD

“I know Lorenn and have been interested in her work for years and was pleased to give her a national restorative justice award…I believe Lorenn’s work has significantly contributed to improving social justice.”

John Braithwaite, Phd

Lorenn: “is one of the leading justice innovators in the United States. . . . [She] “analyzes the lessons learned from each of her innovative initiatives, positive and negative. She is a great communicator of R&D results through her publications. And she gets them out promptly as well making replication easier for others.”