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– Colette Dhakhwa, Esq. – Attorney & Facilitator

As a trainer, Lorenn is a great motivator with her enthusiasm and down-to-earth style. She has wonderful rapport.

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–Theresa Ozuna – Mediator

"Lorenn is a wonderful trainer. The individual attention she gives is so helpful

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– College Student

"This was the most informative and interesting course I have ever attended.

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January 17, 2008: Lorenn (middle) meets with Immaclee Ilibaqiza (left), Rwandan genocide survivor and author of "Left to Tell", along with Vi Jones-Meduskey (right), surfer, triathlete, mother, and grandmother. Vi survived amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS aka "Lou Gehrig's disease") for many years, but unfortunately passed away in 2011.
Lorenn Walker Xterra Tahiti
Lorenn on her way to winning her division of the Xterra Tahiti Championship