Conflict to ResiliancyWhat people say about Lorenn’s work

She “learns from each of her innovative initiatives, positive and negative. She is a great communicator of R&D results through her publications. And she gets them out promptly as well making replication easier for others. . . Without reservation I can recommend Lorenn Walker as one of the world’s leading restorative justice trainers, experts and innovative practitioners whose work has a massive impact.” John Briathwaite, Phd.,criminologist, Australia

“I have followed Lorenn Walker’s work with Hawai‘i Friends for almost two decades. Her work is widely cited and lauded by academics that study law, criminology, sociology and social sciences. Her programs have been replicated in other states and countries with great success. I believe Ms. Walker’s work including the Parole Completion Celebration, the transition planning process for prisoner reentry, a cognitive course provided for federal court defendants, a mediation training program for imprisoned women in Hawai‘i, and her work with public schools, are some of the most innovate approaches I have reviewed to date addressing serious social problems. Each of the areas help many disadvantaged people across Hawai’i and beyond.”– Shadd Maruna, PhD, – criminologist, Ireland

As a trainer, Lorenn is a great motivator with her enthusiasm and down-to-earth style. She has wonderful rapport with people and transfers this positive attribute to her listeners and trainees.”
– Colette Dhakhwa, Esq. – Attorney & Facilitator

“Lorenn is a wonderful trainer. The individual attention she gives is so helpful—she makes it easy to make a mistake so we can improve our skills!”
–Theresa Ozuna – Mediator

“Excellent trainer—well prepared—gave from the heart.”
–Stg.Fay Tamura – Police Officer

“Lorenn is very knowlegable and very interesting. She makes everyone feel comfortable.”
–Carol Kekua – Housing Manager

“She is well prepared and an excellent motivator!”
–Ziggy Novack – Retired College Professor

“Very creative and informative.”
–Stephanie German-Hirkel – Loan Company Employee

What college students say about Lorenn’s teaching:

“Miss Walker is a great instructor as well as a professional. She motivates students to learn.”

“Great instructor, very alive and kept the class interesting. She is truly the best.”

“Instructor really promoted a ‘friendly’ and non-threatening atmosphere for learning.”

“This was the most informative and interesting course I have ever attended. I would love to have Ms. Walker in the future as a teacher.”

“She has a lot of energy and is contagious with enthusiasm.”

“She is an excellent teacher who loves to teach and who knows how to make a student love to learn!”