Restorative Justice Links – Probation Junior Journal – a virtual scientific journal for young researchers in criminal justice field. – Hawai’i Friends of Civic and Law Related Education – center for justice and reconciliation – International Institute for Restorative Practices – To join the Restorative Practices eForum -Real Justice (worldwide restorative justice services) – Margaret Thorsborne (restorative justice services in Australia) – Restorative Justice Project .org Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies of Fresno Pacific University

Apology – This website provide 2 free programs. One will help you compose a confidential and meaningful apology for a person to whom you have done something wrong or hurtful. Two if you have been hurt by another an no apology is offered or maybe you don’t know who hurt you, you can prepare an “imagined apology” that may help you heal.

Forgiveness – Forgiveness Project UK – Hawai’i Forgiveness Project

Phil Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment – Everything about the remarkable 1971 prison experiment at Stanford University that has taught us so much about prison administration.

Listening & Emotional Skill Development – Compassionate Listening Project – Offers excellent workshops to increase listiening skills based on emotional rather than analytical variables. – Emotional Intelligence

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy  – Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Info from Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Sazer’s website.) – Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association – Institute for Solution-Focused Therapy – SOL Sharing and Building Solution Practice in Organisations – Northwest Brief Therapy Training Center – EBTA European Brief Therapy Association – Brief Therapy Practice (UK) – Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney

More Family & Youth Services – Ben Furman’s Kids’ Skills – Offers numerous on line resources for youth. – ‘Ohana Conferencing & E Makua Ana Youth Circles (thank you John Braithwaite for introducing me to the idea of group processes for transition planning!) – American Humane Protecting Children & Animals since 1877

Transition Planning – The Leisure Link

Athletic Links – Hawaiian Water Sports – Triathlon site – North Shore Surf Camps (surfing lessons for kids and adults by former pro surfer Karen Gallagher, niece of Fred Van Dyke) – Ironman Triathlon – Offroad triathlon – Santa Cruz Bicycles (makers of my beloved blur!) – Boca Hawai’i Coaching, Training and Races – Mc Cully Bikes Honolulu